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Media & PR Management

Our experienced media & PR team focus are super proactive when it comes to delivering coverage for our clients.

Media releases, conferences, packs, set-piece opportunities all feature in the way we manage media for clients.

Through an established network of journalists across news, sport and features, we are able to leverage relationships and pitch ideas to the right people.

Whether its a piece of key news or an important announcement; a fascinating feature you want to get the space it deserves; or you need help because things have gone awry we are here to help.

Our friendly, easy going manner works with media colleagues because we recognise that everyone has a job to do. We're not pitbulls, and that is a deliberate choice.

Taking a collaborative approach has delivered some amazing results in the form of thousands of pieces of media coverage across a range of different clients, all with different objectives and focuses.

We think about two things when we look at media & PR proactive planning:

  • What's the story?
  • How can we visualise it?

Every piece of activity is different, so we respond accordingly in our output. That means when it's right we can help you set up a formal media conference, inviting target journalists, writing media releases and packs of information.

At other times it's about providing the right notes when pitching for a specific story.

And we put stunning images at the heart of what we do. It's not about logo or old-fashioned PR props, but about creating visual stories which are eye-catching and memorable.

We offer a media officer service too, and can handle enquiries or requests on your behalf, providing a professional service which can be available 24/7 if that's what is required.

Electrify is also well positioned to handle the most difficult situations. Planning is a big part of what we do. If we think there's a risk you can be sure we're already working out how to mitigate against the likely challenges.

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