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Communications Consultancy

We look after a range of communications campaigns which involve engaging internal and external stakeholders.

Electrify's team works with clients to deliver ambitious and creative activity which provide a relevant and meaningful opportunity to engage, whether that be with civic leaders, elected officials, colleagues or other key influencers .

We achieve that through targeted events or meetings, via producing key (personalised) publications or even using the power of social media.

When you need to get a message out you have to go to the right place to deliver it. Fortunately, we have the map...

To do all this, we need to understand the effectiveness of what you do at present, and work with you to come up with a measurable and deliverable plan.

Electrify also offers a range of (not the usual!) training courses to charities and other community focused organisations, tailor-made for each audience.

And we're expert copywriters, whether that's authoring major reports or putting together sharp, snappy content to make your campaign go, "boom"!

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