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At Electrify we help tell extraordinary, powerful stories



Digital Marketing & Development

We offer a range of digital services to our clients.

Electrify's offering includes:

  • Web design & development
  • Email marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Digital audits including SEO reviews
  • Digital advertising service

Our focus on storytelling drives our approach to digital marketing & development.

When people love the stories you tell, then they are much more inclined to engage. We put a lot of thought into what your audience needs from a website. The same goes for email campaigns, too.

Underpinning your digital channels has to be the right strategy. Can people find you on search engines? Is your website responsive, and therefore easy to view on any device? How easily can your audience find the content they need?

Let us help you find the best digital solution, and how to make the very most with it.

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