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Penumbra Mental Health rebrand with Electrify

  • Penumbra Mental Health provide dedicated services for people with mild to serious and enduring mental ill health
  • They needed our help to elevate their brand and shout about their services, and the impact they have
  • We co-produced their new brand including a review of their strategic narrative, colours and logo and the creation of a new website
  • The brand launch,‘Your Journey, Your Way’ involved four people with lived experience sharing their stories through beautiful films

At Electrify, we tell powerful stories that have a positive impact on people’s lives. That’s why we loved working with Penumbra Mental Health, a charity that uses lived experience to transform lives for the better.

We co-produced their new brand with staff and service users, starting on with an engagement phase which included group sessions, 1:1 interviews, an online survey and service visits.

The feedback we got from these groups was strikingly consistent; everyone spoke highly about their impact, and wanted more people to know about their work.

With an overall vision of strengthening their brand, we decided they had to shout about their services and reach a wider audience. One barrier we found in the engagement phase, was that their name didn’t quite explain what they do. That’s why we decided to subtly adjust their name from Penumbra, to Penumbra Mental Health.

We also made their language warmer to really reflect them, their colours friendlier, and created an infinity loop logo, to represent the journey that many go on with their mental health.

The new Penumbra Mental Health website has a clean and flexible structure, to allow for changes to be made swiftly and easily. It has a real time search function for their pioneering services, and there’s a storytelling hub, for people to share their experiences. We worked closely with Penumbra Mental Health staff to make sure we got to the bottom of what their website really needed. We believe we’ve created the perfect platform for their users.

Their brand launch campaign, Your Journey, Your Way, was incredibly powerful. Our team worked closely with four incredible people, who shared their mental health journeys with us, and spoke about the positive impact Penumbra Mental Health has had on their wellbeing.

All participants had a different, but equally important story: 

  • Lisa was diagnosed with depression in 2014 and experienced homelessness after problems at home. After two years of working with Penumbra, she has a new lease of confidence, has rebuilt relationships with family and is excited for her future again
  • Darren struggled with life after leaving the army, Penumbra helped him prepare for everyday living again, and his independence continues to grow
  • Nicole has had periods of homelessness and hospitalisation, she believes Penumbra saved her life through their groundbreaking Edinburgh Crisis Centre
  • Lindsay struggled throughout her teens and twenties, she now uses her lived experience in her role as Assistant Support Manager at Penumbra

These case studies are the face of the work we have done with Penumbra Mental Health, and they are testament to the amazing work the charity does to transform lives.

As well as Penumbra, some of our clients include Age Scotland, Alzheimer Scotland, Dogs for Good, the SPFL Trust, BBC ALBA, Africa on the Ball, SAMH and Electric Umbrella.

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