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New film highlights GWC values

  • Stunning new film launched which tells the story of the school
  • The narrative is told through the eyes of the pupils
  • Film is already racking up tens of thousands of views
  • Underpins a strategy to be warmer and engaging
  • Part of campaign to promote registered attendance at Open Morning 2018
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Electrify has been working with George Watson's College for nearly three months, with the culmination of our initial phase of work the launch of a brand-new film, Ex Corde Caritas.

In English, the Latin phrase means, "love from the heart" which is the educational charity's motto.

The new film is part of a strategy of warming up the style of communications, reflecting what the school's values are, promoting a digital-first agenda and putting pupils at the very heart of all communications.

For that reason, we "banned" teachers from the film, creating an almost teacher-free zone. One person makes a very brief appearance, the school's principal Melvyn Roffe, but we left that in to see if someone could spot him!

Our work with George Watson's has also included a major review of communications strategy, helping to build a digital news service through social media channels (with more to launch before the end of 2018) as well as supporting media engagement, campaign planning and the development of a new internal services approach.

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Clients include: KA Leisure, George Watson's College, purpleTV, McCrea Financial Services, SPFL Trust, Bruce Tait Associates, Queensferry Churches Care in the Community, Supporters Direct Scotland, DPS Group, McEwan Fraser Legal, SCVO, Inspiring Scotland and MG ALBA/BBC ALBA.

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