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Leave light, not loneliness launches

  • Age Scotland’s new legacy campaign goes live
  • Campaign is called Leave Light, Not Loneliness
  • Features the moving story of Fred & Janet, love and loss
  • Content developed for multi-platform delivery

Age Scotland, the national charity for older people, has launched a brand new campaign to encourage people to consider leaving a gift in their will.

Developed by our team at Electrify, Leave Light, Not Loneliness, tells the story of Fred and his beloved wife Janet. It highlights the pain of loneliness and social isolation that comes with loss.

The campaign is built around a main film, but is supported by other assets including a legacy pack, social media graphics and short clip outs.

There is also a suite of stunning, portrait imagery that helps to tell the story.

Video Link:

As part of our process, we developed messaging, copy, and the overall look and style, as well as creating the content itself - all in house.

The project took place over several months, with filming over two weekends in December and March, as we grappled with enormous pandemic related challenges.

Using our 'external activity protocol' and revised risk management approach we were, however, able to ensure that the campaign was delivered safely.

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