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Fair Dementia Care - Mary’s story

  • New campaign launched with Alzheimer Scotland
  • Mary’s story - a beautiful animation - centrepiece of Scottish Parliamentary Election campaign
  • Encouraging all candidates to sign up to Alzheimer Scotland’s Fair Dementia Care Pledge

Alzheimer Scotland this week launched a major campaign ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, on a hugely important issue that affects families across the country.

And our team at Electrify were honoured to be able to play our part by bringing one woman's story to life in a stunning animation, the centerpiece of the campaign.

The charity is asking members and supporters to call upon candidates from all parties to sign a pledge that to deliver Fair Dementia Care for people with advanced dementia in the next parliament.

Fair Dementia Care is about ensuring that every person with advanced dementia, living in a care home, has an individual assessment of their health and nursing care needs.

The pledge also calls for a support to increase in Free Personal and Nursing Care payments to a level which is equal to the actual cost of the care people with advanced dementia need.

Mary's features in our beautifully crafted animation, her powerful story told by her daughter; something which only comes to life in the final moments of the film.

It's cleverly set in Mary's home - which she has to sell - but it is designed in a way that you're never quite sure if Mary was at home, or if time has passed so it's a memory to her daughter.

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Alzheimer Scotland Head of Communications and Campaigns Marri Welsh was delighted with the quality of our work.

"Thank you for all your support, advice and execution of this project," she said. "I'm so glad we picked up the phone to you about this."

"Fair Dementia Care isn't an easy story to tell, but you took Mary's case study and did a fantastic job of narrating it and setting out the scenes, and a first-class job of bringing it all to life.

"We really like the way you depicted Mary's dementia diagnosis and the frames around her condition progressing.

"You nailed this piece of work, and you've been a pleasure to work with."

Our managing director Lawrence Broadie revealed that dementia is something that has affected several of our team's families, and that involvement in the project felt very personal to us.

"I was never able to take my wife Lucy to meet my grandfather," he explained. "It was too late in his own life for him to know and understand who she was. By that time, he did not recognise me, and I didn't want her to have her only memory of someone at that stage of his journey. Dementia takes everything from you.

"I also thought a lot about one of my best friends in this process. He lost his dad five and a half years ago. It was the same for our head of creative Lauren who lost her grandad, too. It's a story so many of us feel.
"Mary's story is the story of thousands of families."

"That's why this project mattered to us and why we are so committed to the work we do with charities. We feel it very personally, because the stories we tell could be any one of us."

You can commit to the Fair Dementia Care Pledge here.

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