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Electrify devoted to Dogs for Good

  • New PR agreement with UK-based charity
  • Dogs for Good trains assistance dogs to support children & adults to overcome specific challenges
  • Appointment follows ’trial’ project on Imagine If campaign
  • Electrify also working with Dementia Dog - an Alzheimer Scotland & Dogs for Good joint campaign

We are delighted to reveal that Electrify has reached agreement with UK-wide charity Dogs for Good to become their PR agency.

Dogs for Good bring trained dogs and people together to help them overcome specific challenges, in order to enrich and improve the lives of both.

The Banbury-based charity train assistance dogs to help adults and children lead more independent lives, at home and in the community around them.

They provide advice and support to people who want a pet dog that can help them overcome specific challenges within their family.

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And Dogs for Good also train and support community dogs and their specialist handlers to work in activity and therapy in communities and schools.

Electrify's appointment came after an initial test project focused on Dogs for Good's new campaign, "Imagine If".

"Imagine If" was a new hard-hitting fundraising campaign, designed to get potential donors to think about how those who rely upon assistant dogs would be affected if they were not around anymore.

Our team delivered coverage TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and digital coverage across multiple English regions including Bath, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Oxfordshire.

"We're looking forward to building on a fantastic start to our new partnership with Dogs for Good in 2020," our managing director Lawrence Broadie said.

"The team have given us enormous support, shown tremendous flexibility which is vital in driving effective PR campaigns, and empowered us to find creative ways to deliver a broad range of news and featured-based content."

Electrify are no stranger to working with dogs, having delivered a full-service campaign for Dementia Dog over the summer.

Dementia Dog is a partnership between Alzheimer Scotland and Dogs for Good, which provides assistance dogs to people who have dementia (or a similar neurodegenerative disease). The project was facing a funding crisis before the campaign's launch, but resulted in an exceptional outcome, smashing the funding target set.

A new campaign is now underway with Dementia Dog to create a beautiful new animation, is set to be launched in the new year. Watch out for more on that, nearer the time!

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